LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Matinee Muse 11 Enhanced Perspective


Precise Peter
Had a way with words
And he’d always
State it clear
He said accurate description
And articulation
Formed the essence
Of his style of speech
Now he played guitar
In a four-piece band
That he named
‘Other Hits Include…’
Carlos and Jimi
Had nothing on Peter
He could teach them
A thing or three
The first time I saw him
Perform a solo
Fingers fairly flew
From fret to fret
An improvised version
Of that old song ‘Layla’
But his vocals…
They weren’t up to much
I said “Hey Peter,
That’s a mean sounding banjo”
He looked offended
As he spoke to me
“That’s not a ‘banjo’;
That’s a classic ‘Fifty Nine
Gibson Les Paul Standard…
In Sunburst
“It looks alright to me”,
I was joking
He adopted
A condescending tone
“If one can’t distinguish
Between Formby and Clapton
Then one should just…
Keep your big gob shut.”