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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Matinee Muse 13 A Matter Of Trust

Tough-guy Dad

He hadn’t cried since he was six
He’d taken the knocks and fought back
Always the leader of the gang
Thought he had what others lack

Unlike his friends, he got married
Faithful to his wife, loved his son
Some things have to be respected
A happy home is number one

He would never blink an eyelid
When presenting gifts to his lad
No acknowledgement; no ‘thank-you’
Tough-guy lad, just like tough-guy dad

Words were not needed, actions spoke
The final kiss goodnight revealed
The true depth of mutual love
Unconditional, unconcealed

Beside the boy, tucked up in bed
Toys, clothes, gifts tough-guy dad had bought
Wrapped in his arms, close to his heart
Inspired tough-guy dad to deep thought

Turning away to leave the room
Tough-guy dad battled with the tears
That welled up in his tough-guy eyes
Driving out doubt, allaying fears

What about people who say
‘Children should be seen and not heard’?
Had they really paid attention
Considered their thought, deed, or word?

Observation, care, devotion
Render spoken thanks obsolete
The forces of pure emotion
Produce feelings that can’t be beat

Speak gratitudes, give platitudes
Shallow praise for the simple mind
Locking doors, closed by attitudes
Tough guys see all; some think love’s blind