LEADERS - not followers

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TOP - Voice prompt

Finding Our Voices
Public speaking was not my strength
My vocals refused to carry
I coaxed my chords until, at length
Pitch and Tone agreed to marry
At the top of my voice, I felt
I sounded like somebody else
But I shouted out loud to see
If people would listen to me
I couldn’t believe the effect
As the words issued from my lips
Despite all the rises and dips
Though I had nothing fresh to say
A new dimension to my range
The reaction was rather strange
Had they felt intimidated,
Provided the correct response,
Because they felt obliged to act?
Or was it imagination?
Quietly, I dwelt on the fact;
It’s all in the presentation
Why do you take sincerity so negatively?
Is it just insecurity?
do you do what you do for your desired reaction?
If that’s the case, here it is;
Inspired by encouragement, go ahead, give us more.
Try to make it ‘nice’, like last time,
Now we have your attention, try to understand us.
It’s the things you do that inspire,
we find we have to state the thoughts they provoke in us,
but you seem to want only praise.
Praise and platitude, as close as brother and sister;
pay a visit to their cousin;
If we’re making this concept hard for you to swallow,
chew it over, then swallow your
Don’t you know, every thought, every word, every action
you perform, displays a wisdom
Your actions, especially, speak louder than mere words.
Please allow the words we use, their