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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Allsorts Of Isan

Late arrival for MPTR Mar 10 2009


Gazing forth, across the earth, from high
Stands a monument to Buddhist Faith; Pra Yai
To his rear, the people of Khon Kaen
Over to his left, it’s Chaiyaphum and then
Udon Thani kneels at his right hand
In reverence; voicing the respect of Thailand

Before him, Loei and Nongbualamphu
Receive the careful attention of his view
Pra Yai symbolises Lord Buddha
In his presence, his loyal pilgrims shudder
The hopes and fears of all the nation
Are offered in prayer and meditation

Gratitude for the harvest; the rain
For the relief of suffering and of pain
Food for the hungry, strength to the weak
A fitting focal point for the blessed meek
Supports the infirm, tends to the old
The pious poor, the emotionally cold

The waters below, gently lapping
Reflect the subtle sound of one hand clapping
Prepared to unleash their potential
Energy; electricity; essential
Lighting our progress through the ferment
Physical guide; practical enlightenment

No tree to shade his contemplation
Deflect his wisdom, distract concentration
His sacrament of inner vision
Available via the conscious decision
To follow the example of his life
Grants untold pleasures, and the absence of strife