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Sunday, February 15, 2009


For Sunday Scribblings - Sports


Kippax, Kop
Stretford End
North Bank, South Bank
Fan-base blend
Murmur – calm
Cheer – thrill
Chant – passion
Whistle - shrill
Man to man
Heart to heart
Mouth to mouth
From the start
Outside Left
To Inside Right
To Centre Forward
Goal in sight
In the box
Odds-on bet
‘Keeper dives…
Offside, yet

Half-time news
Who’s in front?
Oohs and Aahs
Comments, blunt
Lukewarm Bovril
Tommy Hall’s
Greasy Joe’s
To line the walls

Second half
Goals galore
Rovers, Rovers
What’s the score?
(Rovers, what’s the score?)
Final blow
Who’s the best?
Now we know
Four-nil win
Fans depart
Pundits probe
Inquests start
Bus-ride home
Glad we came
So much more
Than just a game