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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TOP Marketplace Poetry


They’re only coining phrases at the mint now
Priceless words of wisdom and respect
A debt of gratitude is due to pay though
Words are power; money talks no more

Transactions are replaced by Interaction
The ATM’s are ‘telling’ everyone
‘Forget Cash; put your mouth where your money was’
‘In-voice’ means just that; the spoken word

Drinks are on the house at the Speakeasy
The staff are only working there for tips
Sound advice to earn their keep, and bank it
Withdrawing only comments made in haste

So think before you waste your precious words
Golden Silence preserves your Golden Handshake
Loose lips spill loose change, so keep them pursed
Save your Silver Tongue for Rainy Days

Foreign Exchange students; ply your trade
Language is your hard-earned currency
Commission is Vocabulary, free
From Errors and Omissions that cost dear

Builder’s bills bust banter’s bulging budget
Maintenance must match more modest means
Al-(li)-terations keep your house in order
Caution caps conversion capital

The bottom line reads well on the quotation
It’s accurate, word for word, not pound for pound
Check to see if your account is current
To your credit, words don’t let you down

If you owe apologies to loved ones
Unlock the vaults and let your own words loose
Free speech still cannot buy love however
Borrow a phrase or two; get your ‘Words-worth’

Value Added Thought maintains the context
Remember that good manners have no price
Deal words wisely; try to keep a balance
Interest should increase a few percent

Sincerity’s an honest, open market
A luxury you can afford to own
Spend time, and pay heed to my final statement
Admission fee is nothing…but the truth