LEADERS - not followers

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TOP Expectations


When I smell it,
It will smell of roses
I have the nose to take in the bouquet
When I taste it,
It will satisfy me
I have the mouth to savour the flavour
When I hear it,
It will then be spoken
I have the ears to listen to voices
When I touch it,
It will assume substance
I have the hands to feel the shape of things
When I see it,
It will be apparent
I have the eyes to witness the event
When I think it,
It will make perfect sense
I have the mind to imagine concepts
When I say the words,
They will all be sincere
I have the tongue to say what I believe
When I open it,
It will then be unlocked
I have the key to the door to your thoughts
When I use it,
It will be practical
I have the skill to perform the function


When I need it,
It will abandon me
I haven’t the confidence any more