LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, June 7, 2008

WI Unexpected, Overshadowed, Reconciliation

An UNEXPECTED situation, with an equally UNEXPECTED outcome


Scary, the discovery

Hasty, the connection
Painful, the inspection

Tricky, the mission
Needs my permission

I have to make the decision
Surgeons will make the incision
They’ll only accept perfection
So there will be no rejection

Pills, powders, potions
Give back my motions

Correct my reactions
To their satisfaction

A complete recovery

Minorities OVERSHADOWED by tradition


We met when we were too young
We wanted to change the world with our song
I stuck around and you hung on
Beside me, I thought for far too long

Our ideas never caught on
With the mainstream teaching and belief
In a world of carefree thought
Ignorance stole innocence like a thief

We were guilty of the sin
Of replacing swords with the mighty pen
Times have changed now, we would win
The hearts and minds of modern-thinking men

Now words come freely from the lips
Of ‘victims’ who say ‘Enough is enough’
They ride the rises and dips
The tough get tougher when the course gets rough

We always knew it would be
Harder than the hardest thing in the world
When it was just you and me
Ideas were contested, abuse was hurled

'Fight until the day we die,
Educate the ignorant', was our stance
Passionate our battle-cry
History gives it meaning, relevance

In our heart of hearts we knew
Traditional values would win the day
Its dinosaurs that make laws
It’s the ultimate price we have to pay



They couldn’t understand the situation
They didn’t even stop to wonder why
Minds pre-occupied with accusation
Revenge, regret, outrage, did not apply

They only ever wanted it to end
Those memories, consigned to history
Looking back in anger, achieved nothing
It only nurtured inconsistency

It was pointless, knowing where to lay the blame
In hindsight, such an easy thing, it seems
But circumstances, situations changed
Holding grudges, would have held back dreams

When asked the question, “Was it tough for you?”
Their answer was, “Just take a look around
So many others, much worse off than us
We’ve buried our bad memories in the ground

Worse things happened, we can blame ourselves for
It makes no sense to grieve over the past
We can’t use history as a scapegoat
We have to start afresh, if things don’t last”

Survivors of those troubled times are few
But those who made it only look one way
Forward, to tomorrow; a clearer view
The future’s brighter, unlike yesterday