LEADERS - not followers

Sunday, June 22, 2008

TOP Summer


Glancing upwards, to the treetops
From time to time, swifts can be seen
Darting about the foliage
Disappearing into the green

In the cool of early morning
Congregations of dragonflies
Commence proceedings for the day
Then introduce the butterflies

Brightly coloured ballerinas
Shimmering to an unheard tune
Building up to a crescendo
In the heat of late afternoon

Sunset heralds the finale
Morning’s dragonflies reappear
Flying strictly in formation
Performing without flaw or fear

Flowing and ebbing on breezes
Thermals only they can detect
They glide along the golden glow
Mesmerising, peerless, perfect

Soaring skywards, surfing sweet scents
Summer’s subtle, silent surprise
Show’s not over, still the encore
As bats replace the dragonflies

Unknowingly, the sightless bats
Mimic the actions of the swifts
The butterflies, the dragonflies
And entertain us with their gifts

A short-lived treat as clouds, in crowds
Gather to make a mockery
Of summer’s promise, never spoken
Never guaranteed…yet broken