LEADERS - not followers

Thursday, June 19, 2008

TOP Flowers


Are you ready for the revelation?
I’ll tell you straight, no exaggeration
If it lives up to your expectation
Accept the gift as an education

Open your eyes to possibility
Your heart, your mind, have the ability
Give your dreams life, make them reality
Welcome concepts, reject banality

You live and learn, feed your fascination
Instinct permits deeper concentration
People you meet provide stimulation
Sharpened senses bring realisation

At first you’ll find that it’s harder than nails
Your perceptions will be greener than grass
It won’t take long, then it’s easier than pie
Your star will shine, you’ll be bolder than brass

Confidence grows, bars intimidation.
Faster process, detailed information.
You’ll grow stronger in their estimation
Take time out for leisure, relaxation

Change is as good as a rest; vacation.
In your own time, return to formation
Complete the course without hesitation
Show gratitude with quiet contemplation

Were you nervous? Was your timidity
A result of your own stupidity?
Are you over your invalidity
Now you’ve strengthened your own lucidity?

Was the outcome to your satisfaction?
Did you employ thought-provoked subtraction?
Take away doubts, end up with a fraction
Of your former fear of interaction