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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TOP Absent friends


Cast your spell, and conjure up your presence
We’ll walk together, hand in hand, again
Holding tightly, savouring the moment
You’ll touch my heart, and smile your perfect smile
A tree-lined avenue, springtime blossoms
Pinks to deepest crimson; glistening jewels
Reflecting shafts of evening’s golden glow
Pale, by comparison to one so fair
Aromatic, your favourite perfume
Drifts to the rhythm of a silent breeze
Surfing the senses, in wave after wave
Until we reach the point of no return
Compelled to walk away, by force unknown
The scene rotates, but part of you remains
The Earth emits a mournful, haunting sigh
So final…so profound…the saddest thing
Yet beautiful; a fitting, fond farewell
In recognition of your life of love
Echoing, and ever more intensely
In moments of despair, sadness, or fear
Calling out to me, offering succour
Reaching, drawing me into your bosom
‘There, there’, you whisper; comfort to your child
Your magic never really went away