LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Re-routed for Monday Poetry Train Revisited 23.02.09


The terminal; workstation
The writers frustration
Awaiting thought's arrival
En route to survival
Deprived of sleep
Deadlines to keep
He's one of the toilers
The midnight oilers
Twitching and dribbling
Waking and scribbling
Fragmented dreams
Condense, become themes
Forming the seams
The robust beams
That support continuity
Inspire ingenuity
Ensuring lucidity
Correcting stupidity
Perfecting the presentation
For the reader's imagination
To board transportation
Journey to a destination
Unlike any other:
The world of the lover;
Deceivers outwitted;
Crimes committed;
Nations at war;
An open door
To welcome the Aliens;
Clean-bowl the Australians;
Find ancient pottery;
Win the national lottery;
Whatever your fantasy
Just take a glance and see
Or read between the lines
Enter the field of mines
That when exploded
You'll find are loaded
With all the devices
The virtues, the vices
That expand the mind
Allow you to find
The knowledge you seek
On your quest for the unique