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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Changnoi's Disco

In Thai
In English Elephant Small
A rose
By any other name
Wouldn't smell the same.
Its slick
Changnoi's nick-nick-nick
He didn't choose it
Or abuse it
He'll never lose it
But he can use it
With pride
He's a student
In every way
And every day
Is his number one aim
You'll never tame
His aggression
His Passion
His fashion
Appetite for freedom
Love of life
Stands to reason
He's the flavour of the month
Every season
Other fashions come and go
Fast not slow
Changnoi's always there
He's fair
Both of attitude and hair
He cares
He dares to care
Other fashions come and go
But no
Not at Chang-Changnoi's disco