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Saturday, January 31, 2009


For Sunday Scribblings - Regrets


Had those hasty words remained
And those broken promises
Been kept
How could we be sure
We’d have no regrets?
In the long term
Things may turn out for the best

Lessons learnt from past mistakes
A more disciplined approach
To words and deeds
Pre-empting cause, effect
And consequence
And avoiding
Repetition of regret

In making future plans
We should
Remember the past
And with hindsight
We may
Look back and smile
All those errors
We can
Put down to experience
So that this time
We shall
Go the extra mile

As we lay this ghost ‘Regret’
To rest
Exorcise our demons
Start afresh
Walk with confidence
While acknowledging
Credit due to past regrets
For our success