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Thursday, April 24, 2008

TOP - Late Spring

Dreaming Of Springtime

Humidity level racing off the scale to
Saturation point, provoking thirst it can’t quench
Gasping for life’s breath, like a fish out of water
Sucking fiercely; syrup-sticky scents of morning,
Huge moisture-laden mouthfuls of hydrated air

Overnight minimum of ninety Fahrenheit
Sun’s rapid rise, announces, ‘morning is cancelled’
Insipid cherry-pink, transforms to tangerine,
Lemon-yellow, molten-metal-white, in seconds

Water seems so foreign, yet so familiar
Shower-outs, a testament to dried river-beds
Power-outs, resulting from the lack of hydro

Yet you could drown in your sleep from the sweat of air

Just for a moment, a dream; nostalgic nonsense
Give me a misty-mountain, cool English morning
Overlooking valleys, steeped in shrouds of silence
Dew-dappled daybreak, evaporating slowly
Cock-crow to consciousness; time to re-live reverie

Reality bites, with the sound of alarm bells
Back to ‘beat thy neighbour’ and vanity culture
Landscape gives way to the industrial townscape
That skyscrapes the starscape; invites a ‘great escape’

Take excesses of climate, lock them in a box
Throw away the key. Live forever, in Springtime
When blissful bird-song beckons each day, in greeting

Leave unpredictability to weathermen