LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, April 26, 2008



A good mate of mine, called Charlie
Once taught me one smart rule
You see, Charlie was a drinker
But Charlie was no fool

“A good drink,” that’s what Charlie liked
“Requires ‘MCD’
That’s ‘Minimum Crawling Distance’
Back home, from hostelry.”

I took him up on his advice
Although I couldn’t drink
Like my good friend Charlie could
At least, I didn’t think

One night, when I was in there
I took an empty seat
“Don’t sit there!” An old man cried
“That place belonged to Pete.”

“Before Pete, it was Arthur’s place
Both regulars until
Old man Arthur kicked the bucket
Then Peter went downhill.”

“Not six months passed between their deaths
Pete only passed last week
A good turnout, to see him off
His wife did bubble and squeak.”

“You might not be superstitious
In here, we all are, mate
So no-one will ever sit there
For fear of tempting fate.”

“You don’t come in here that often
In fact it’s very rare
But one thing that you have to know
For God’s sake, don’t sit there!”