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Sunday, December 20, 2009


For Sunday Scribblings
And Monday Poetry Train Revisited


I’m getting around
to getting around to you.
Still…I hesitate

An obstacle course
lies between your heart and mine.
Proceed with caution

and circle the globe
to reach my destination
…next door to my home.

‘All’s well that ends well’?
‘Happily ever after’?
But where to begin…?

Courage deserts me,
delays the happy ending,
hastens my sadness.

Words always fail me.
If only I could express
my feelings for you,

I would find a way
to say just how much I love
all the things you do.

I love the way you… …
Then there’s the way you always… …
As well as how you… …

Most of all, I love
that thing you do with the thing
you go like that with.