LEADERS - not followers

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TOP Foreign Lands


Road signs; no help
Their hieroglyph markings
Display a language you can’t understand

Traffic signals
Familiar warning
A universal colour-code command

Through the red light
To a head-on collision
In your haste to reach the point of no return

Through the green light
A twisting path to freedom
A tortured course to everything you yearn

But if you keep your eyes on the road
If you keep your hands on the wheel
Just a matter of time before you learn

Read the signs in the eyes of your mind
Keep a safe distance
And don’t get too close to arrogance

Pride will cause distraction
Each and every action
Requires a choice, a decision, a reaction

But if you make the wrong one, you’ll get nowhere

That’s not a place you want to go
You just escaped the living hell of nowhere